Tree Injector Applications

Crop Applications

  • Avocado root-rot ( Phytophthora )Avocado root-rot ( Phytophthora )
    Root Rot Phytophthora cinnamomi is a soil-born water mould that produces an infection which causes a condition in plants called root rot dieback. The plant pathogen is one of the world’s most invasive species and is present in over 70 countries around the world. In addition to damage to native woodlands, P. cinnamomi can also infect fruit …
  • Avocado HistoryAvocado History
    Till the end of the 1970’s phytophthora root rot was the number one problem facing avocado growers in most production areas around the world. Without a healthy root system inputs such as fertilizers, irrigation and weed control can be largely a waste of time and money, and mature trees can decline rapidly and die.
  • Jemella in PandanusJemella in Pandanus
    By the mid 1990’s a small fatid Jammella australiae, a native of Northern Australia was devestating Pandanus Palms along the Southern Coast of Queensland. Surveys in Noosa National Park of 3200 palms showed a high correlation between fatid numbers and tree health with up to 500,000 on a single tree.
  • Psyllids in EucalyptsPsyllids in Eucalypts
    The problem sap sucking of Psyllid and defoliation of Eucalypts has been increasing in Australia for many years. In 1998 The Psyllid Glycaspis brimblecombei was identified in Los Angeles County California.
  • Trunk DrenchingTrunk Drenching
    Successful replanting of avocados in phytophthora infected orchards can be difficult at best and at worst up to a 100 % failure rate.
  • Feral Tree ControlFeral Tree Control
    Q.D.N.R. trial work done treating Schinus terebinthifolius along Oxley Creek an inner city waterway Brisbane, Aust. The shinus were displacing native mangroves eucalypts etc, site was a wildlife and fish breading area with a high public presence.
  • Where to Inject
    When a tree is large enough it should be injected between one and two metres where at some future date it will be pruned, thereby removing most od the scarred tissue at that time.
  • Forest TreesForest Trees
    We all have some childhood memories that seem to be revisited regularly, one of the writer’s is from just after WW2 of the clattering rumble of fully laded brewery trucks, with iron wheels, solid rubber tyres, traversing the inner city streets of Sydney, Australia.

Other Applications