Herbicide Backpack Tree injector Spear


It is no longer necessary to get up close and personal with dangerous succulents.

The Sidewinder Cactus–Succulent Spear Backpack is basically the same as the Banana Backpack, but coming complete with a 5 metre long chemical hose assembly some that it may be used either by one person or two in difficult locations. ie. steep slops or in thickly growing cactus.

Standard spear is two metres long and a self sealing fluid coupling allows disconnection of the spear.

Output of injector pump is 5 mls per swing of handle but this may be reset to 15 mls. per swing.

P1 and P2 are an example of the chemical effectiveness of the Sidewinder System and show Agave on Peel Island, Morton Bay Queensland before and after injection with Brushoff Herbicide, active constituent metsulfuron, total Brushoff used on three metre diameter plant 0.075 ml.

Principle advantages over other herbicide applicators are, improved operator safety, greatly reduced herbicide required, close to zero collateral damage, ability to be used in all weather conditions even during rain.

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