Patented Combination Drill and Rotary Injector Head

Patented Combination Drill and Rotary Injector Head

Rotary Injector Head

The Sidewinder tree injector’s unique design allows for quick and efficient tree injections. The drill and rotating injector nozzle are combined into one tool, making the injection process much simpler and more cost-effective compared to other methods. The detachable drill bit also helps in delivering the chemical directly into the xylem, which is the critical zone of the tree. This results in more efficient and effective treatment of the trees, ensuring the health and longevity of the trees. Additionally, the design reduces the risk of chemical spillage and makes the process less time-consuming, allowing the operator to complete more injections in a day. Overall, the patented combination of drill and rotating injector nozzle in the Sidewinder tree injector provides a reliable and efficient method for delivering injectable chemicals to trees.

The Sidewinder tree injectors can be equipped with an optional built-in safety feature. The pressure release valve can be easily adjusted to match the specific requirements of each tree species, ensuring that the tree is not damaged during the injection process. The injection pressure can be monitored with a simple pressure gauge, which is included with each unit. This level of control allows for the most efficient and effective injection of chemicals, providing better results and helping to conserve resources. Additionally, the detachable drill bit makes it easy to change drill bits as required, further enhancing the flexibility and versatility of the Sidewinder tree injectors. Overall, the Sidewinder tree injectors provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for delivering chemicals directly into the critical zone of the trees active xylem, ensuring the best possible results for tree health and pest control.

Drill/Injectors supplied with the compressed air kits are fitted with a 12 volt switch for remote operation of the dosing pump.

(Drill Make and Models will vary depending on supply)

Combination of drill and rotating injector nozzle