Avocado and Phytophthora Cinnamomi

Avocado and Phytophthora Cinnamomi

Root Rot

Phytophthora cinnamomi is a soil-born water mould that produces an infection which causes a condition in plants called root rot dieback. The plant pathogen is one of the world’s most invasive species and is present in over 70 countries around the world.

In addition to damage to native woodlands, P. cinnamomi can also infect fruit trees, nut trees and other ornamental plants. Research has shown that P. cinnamomi can infect club mosses, ferns, cycads, conifers, cord rushes, grasses, lilies and a large number of species from many dicotyledonous families. This is such a remarkable range for a plant pathogen and highlights the effectiveness of P. cinnamomi as an aggressive primary pathogen. This species has been named among the 100 of the “World’s Worst” invaders.

Impact on avocado farming

Phytophthora cinnamomi is the leading cause of damage to avocado trees, and is commonly known as “root rot” amongst avocado farmers. Since the 1940s various breeds of root-rot resistant avocados have been developed to minimize tree damage. Damaged trees generally die or become unproductive within three to five years. A 1960 study of the Fallbrook, California area correlated higher levels of avocado root rot to soils with poorer drainage and greater clay content.

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