Injection Site Sealing plugs


Injection Site Sealing plugs

Critics of the tree injection process often argue that drilling openings into trees can have adverse effects on their health and well-being. The discharge of plant fluids, as well as the potential entry of wood-boring insects, pathogenic fungi, bacteria, and viruses, are all concerns that are often raised. Additionally, there is a risk of losing the injected pesticide, either due to evaporation or leaching out of the tree.

However, Sidewinder’s patented plastic tree sealing plugs provide a solution to these criticisms. These plugs are quickly inserted into the drill openings using the same drill/injector, with the plug thread being the same size as the injector nozzle. The use of these sealing plugs greatly reduces the bleeding from the injection site, which speeds up the healing process and helps to reduce the risk of disease.

The use of tree sealing plugs is highly recommended in public places, as it reduces the risk of litigation for the injection contractor. It also helps to maintain the appearance and health of the treated tree, ensuring that it remains a valuable asset for the community.

Sidewinder’s tree sealing plugs provide a crucial solution to the concerns raised by detractors of the tree injection process. By reducing bleeding from the injection site and speeding up the healing process, they help to ensure that the treated tree remains healthy and attractive. The use of these sealing plugs in public places also provides added peace of mind for the injection contractor and the community.


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