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Patented Combination Drill / Injector

Patented Combination Drill Injector

Patented Combination Drill Injector

Patented Combination Drill Injector drillinject2 drillinject4 drillinject3

All Sidewinder tree injectors feature our patented combination of drill and rotating injector nozzle. This one piece tool in combination with detachable drill bit provides what is probably the fastest and most cost effective method of delivering injectable chemicals directly into the critical zone of the trees active xylem.

Combined with Sidewinder purpose built dosing pumps, our injection systems provide precise control of both dose volume and injection pressure.

Drill/Injectors supplied with the compressed air kits are fitted with a 12 volt switch for remote operation of the dosing pump.

Backpack Tree Injector

Backpack Tree Injector

Backpack Tree Injector

Backpack Tree Injector backtree2 backtree3 backtree4 backtree5 backtree6

The backpack battery powered drill / injector is the most widely used of our tree injection systems, nor in use in some 18 countries world wide.
Examples of uses shown above.

P1– Avocado injection of phosphorate in California.
P2–Coconut injection of phosphorate in Hawaii.
P3–Californian Native Oaks injected to control phytopthora.
P4–Mango tree injection Thailand.
P5– Pandanus Palm injection with insecticide Noosa Beach Australia.
P6–Avocado tree injection Peru.

The backpack features light weight fiberglass shell houses, chemical injection pump, sealed 12 volt battery that power drill, chemical container. Padded and comfortable four way adjustable military style harness , detachable pump handle. Pump output 5 ml. per swing of the handle.

airspring2All backpack tree injectors features a heavy duty 12 volt Makita Drill coupled to our Mk 2 injector nozzle assembly incorporating detachable drill bit and holder, pressure gauge to allow control of injection pressure
All metal parts made of stainless steel seals and bushes from teflon and viton, to allow the widest possible chemical compatibility.

Herbicide Backpack Tree Injector

Herbicide Backpack Tree Injector

Herbicide Backpack Tree Injector

Herbicide Backpack Tree Injector
Camphor Laurel Removal Project
North Maroochy River,
Qld. Australia
Broad Leaved Pepper Tree Inj. Trials Oxley Creek, Brisbane Qld. Australia
Broad Leaved Pepper Tree Inj. Trials
Oxley Creek, Brisbane
Qld. Australia

Basically the same as the standard backpack tree injector, featuring the same light weight fiberglass shell, 12 volt drill/injector assembly, adjustable military style harness batteries and battery charger.

Additional to the above is a five metre power cable allowing operation by either one or two persons a particularly useful feature when operating on difficult terrain or when working on trees that branch low to the ground thereby making it difficult to get close to the tree wearing the backpack.

Principle benefits of the herbicide tree injector,

1–Suitable for use where spray application not appropriate.
2–Suitable for use by voluntary workers with minimum training.
3–Significantly reduced herbicide usage.
4–Ability to be used in environmentally sensitive locations such as public places, national parks and stream banks.
5–Suitable for use in windy or even rainy weather.
6–Almost zero risk of collateral damage.

Two person operation, [normally in more difficult locations].
Two person operation, [normally in more difficult locations].
Greencorp Volunteer demonstrating Sidewinder
Greencorp Volunteer demonstrating Sidewinder
Herbicide Backpack Spear injector

Herbicide Backpack Spear injector

Herbicide Backpack Spear injector

It is no longer necessary to get up close and personal with dangerous succulents.

The Sidewinder Cactus–Succulent Spear Backpack is basically the same as the Banana Backpack, but coming complete with a 5 metre long chemical hose assembly some that it may be used either by one person or two in difficult locations. ie. steep slops or in thickly growing cactus.

Standard spear is two metres long and a self sealing fluid coupling allows disconnection of the spear.

Output of injector pump is 5 mls per swing of handle but this may be reset to 15 mls. per swing.

P1 and P2 are an example of the chemical effectiveness of the Sidewinder System and show Agave on Peel Island, Morton Bay Queensland before and after injection with Brushoff Herbicide, active constituent metsulfuron, total Brushoff used on three metre diameter plant 0.075 ml.

Principle advantages over other herbicide applicators are, improved operator safety, greatly reduced herbicide required, close to zero collateral damage, ability to be used in all weather conditions even during rain.
Herbicide Backpack Spear injector herbicidesp4 herbicidesp5 herbicidesp6 herbicidesp7 herbicidesp8

Banana Backpack Spear Injector

Banana Backpack Spear Injector



Banana Backpack Spear Injector

Banana Backpack Spear InjectorCOMFORTABLE OPERATION

Arguably the most comfortable banana injector available, it’s secret being the fact that it is arm – not hand operated.

Upper arm muscles are many times more powerful than fingers, pump operation via an ergonomically designed long handle makes for effortless and accurate dosing.

Lightweight aluminium spear with stainless steel tip penetrates easily and eliminates the need for repetitive body bending further adding operator productiveness.


From the smallest sucker to the largest butt the Sidewinder can deliver from 2 to 20 mls. per swing of the handle.

Materials such as kerosene, roundup and most insecticides no problems, injected with an accuracy and reliability other manufacturers only dream about.


  • banana4WIDE WEBBING
    50 mm wide webbing with quick connect and release military style clips insure comfortable operation all day long. Fully adjustable to fit all body sizes.
    Container, pump and hoses protected inside a strong lightweight fibreglass safety shell. Five litre capacity chemical container, sealed cap and on-off air bleed valve reduce the risk of spillage if unit placed flat on ground.
    Hose within a hose for added safety, chemical hose burst pressure rating 2500 psi. On-Off positive seal stop valve allow tool to be hydraulically isolated when not in use.
  • banana71 METRE LONG SPEAR
    Standard aluminium spear length 1.00 metre, other lengths optional. Handle easily detachable for storage.
    By simply removing the detachable handle, hex lock nut, handle stub and reconnecting the pump actuating lever onto the appropriate pivot the maximum dose per operation of the handle can be varied from
    6.6 to 13.3 or even 20mls.
    Ideal for bell as well as butt and sucker injection.


    Can be purchased separately or as a complete spear assembly.
    Spear point reinforced by blade which in turn is made from a single piece of folded stainless steel.
    250 mm, 750 mm, 1.25 m, 1.50 m & 2.00 m.
    Image shows Ladyfinger Bananas being bell injected.
  • banana11banana12QUICK RELEASE COUPLINGS
    These high pressure hydraulic type seal sealing couples allow complete tools to be changed over instantly.
    Heavy duty padded shoulder strapping and waist bands as used on our high pressure tree injecting backpacks can be supplied, these also feature an additional cross chest strap and quick release clip to stop shoulder straps spreading.
    Two containers nestled in tight fitting foam retainer.
  • banana15SOIL INJECTOR
    Consisting of a one metre long spear tube, heavy duty spear point and a foot operating stirrup allows easy and fast injection of pesticides for control of ants etc.
    From high banana butt injection to large Agave or Cactus there is a lightweight Sidewinder aluminium tube spear assembly including,
    500 mm, 750 mm
    1.00 m (standard)
    1.50 m, 2.00 m
Bug Buster Power Pack

Bug Buster Power Pack

Bug Buster Power Pack

Bug Buster Power PackDeveloped for the North American Forestry and Urban Tree Markets to combat such problems as

  • Asian Long Horned Beetle ALB
  • Dutch Elm Disease and Carriers DED
  • Sudden Oak Death SOD
  • Psyllids in Eucalypts
  • Phytophthora Root Rot

bug2Providing the optimum in operational flexibility this system includes a 33 feet long power / chemical hose assembly and may be either worn on the operators shoulders and powered by an inbuilt sealed battery or attached to and powered from any support vehicle, ATV, tractor, etc with 12 volt electricals.Injector pump is air operated from the systems inbuilt 12 volt air compressor and the dose is remotely operated from a switch on the drill/injector assembly.

bug3Suitable for use with a wide range of pesticides in the form and container supplied by the manufacturer.
Insecticides including

  • Imidacloprid
  • Azadriachtin [Ornazin 3 percent ai.]
  • Fiprinol
  • Dimethoate
  • Phosphonates for Phytophora Control including SOD
  • Trace Elements and Fertilises Mixes.
  • Plant Growth Regulators
  • Herbicides for control of Feral Trees

Standard Features
*Sidewinder Drill/Injector Assembly
*10 ml. Per Operation Dosing Pump
*Inbuilt Air Compressor
*External 12 Volt Power Supply Cable
*Dose Pump Switch on Drill Assembly
*Padded Adjustable Harness
*Easy Injection Pressure Regulator
*Long Power Cable, 32 Feet [10 metres]
*Inbuilt 7.0 Amp Sealed Battery
*2 x 1 litre Inbuilt Chemical Container
*240v ac or 120v ac x 12v dc Battery Charger
*Fibreglass Spill Safety Shell

Optional Features
*5 ml. Per Operation Dosing Pump
*4 Litre External Chemical Container
*Spare Batteries & Wiring Kits
*Variable Volume Dosing Pump
*A range of drill bit sizes and nozzle lengths to suit different xylem densities and phloem thicknesses.

Warning — Read the pesticide manufacturers label before using with this injector system. It is an offence to use product for a purpose or in a manor other than as stated on that label, unless there is in place a current 24/c permit for the purpose proposed.


Injection Site Sealing plugs

Injection Site Sealing plugs

Injection Site Sealing plugs

Injection Site Sealing plugsDetractors of the tree injection process often raise the effect of drilling openings in trees, the consequent discharging of plant fluids and the possibility of entry of wood boring insects and pathogenic fungi, bacteria and viruses as well as potential losses of the injected pesticide.
All of these criticisms are overcome with the use of the patented Sidewinder plastic sealing plugs.
Plugs are quickly inserted using the drill/injector the plug thread being the same size screw thread as on the injector nozzle.
Sealing plugs greatly reduce the bleeding from the injection site and speed up the healing process.
Use of the sealing when injecting pesticides in public places is highly recommended and a useful way of reducing the risk of litigation.
plugs2 plugs3

Petrol Motor Driven Battery Charger

Petrol Motor Driven Battery Charger

Petrol Motor Driven Battery Charger


Ideal for charging larger batteries as used with Sidewinder Kit Injector Systems.
Developed for use in the harsh Australian Outback equally at home on farm and anywhere where batteries need charging or a 12 volt dc power supply is needed.

Petrol Motor Driven Battery ChargerFEATURES

  • Honda 50 cc OHV 4 stroke motor 1.8 Kw.
  • Bosch 12 volt 55 amp hour automotive alternator.
  • Dual voltage setting 14.2 & 15 at the flick of a switch.
  • Short circuit and overload protected.
  • Large, bright LED voltage display.
  • Lead, 3 metres long with alligator clips included.
  • Light weight complete unit weights only 11 kg.


  • Farming and earthmoving machinery, will generally provide enough charge within 5 minutes to allow most machines to be started.
  • Clamping boating and touring, can run fridges and water pumps, just about any form of portable 12 vdc appliance.
  • Emergency Services and Contractors, emergency lighting and 12 vdc power tools.