Compressed Air Operated Injector Pump Kit

Compressed Air Operated Injector Pump Kit compair2
The compressed air injector pump kit was developed for growers that have a mobile air compressor and want one or more highly productive easy to operate tree injection system or systems. See air operated dosing pump P1.

The system includes the Standard Sidewinder Drill/Injector Head Assembly but incorporating an additional switch which activates the injection cycle , a twelve meter power cable connects the drill/injector to the chemical pump and power supply, 12 volt DC. See P2

Up to four of these systems can be fitted to a single tractor or any other suitable mobile power source.

Power required to operate these systems in a production situation such as a large avocado orchard is relatively small ie. For the 12 volt drill approx 3.5 amps per hour, for the air operated pump less than 1 CFM, [4 LPM]

Injection pressure is proportional to the air pressure applied and can be varied either by existing compressor controls or by the addition of a small pressure reducing valve and gauge as shown in P1 above.
At 20 psi air, injection pressure is approx 300 psi , at 40 psi air injection pressure is approx. 560 psi.