Tree Injection Products

Sidewinder Tree Injection Products Range

  • Patented Combination Drill Injector Patented Combination Drill / InjectorCommon to all current Sidewinder Tree Injectors is the stainless steel rotary injector nozzle direct coupled the a heavy duty Makita 12 volt Drill.
  • Backpack Tree Injector Backpack Tree InjectorSelf container system including drill/injector, battery pump and chem. container. Suitable for injecting all types of pesticides and use in steep terrain by small farm owners and contractors.
  • Herbicide Backpack Tree Injector Herbicide Backpack Tree InjectorSpecifically developed for use in rough and sensitive environmental situations. Five metre power cable for one or two person operation.
  • Herbicide Backpack Spear injector Herbicide Backpack Spear injectorAlso developed for herbicide injection in rough terrain environmentally sensitive locations and with five metre cable
  • Banana Backpack Spear Injector Banana Backpack Spear InjectorMultipurpose backpack spear injector, desuckering and butt injecting spear, bell injecting spear and bunch spray tips.
  • Bug Buster Power Pack Bug Buster Power PackDeveloped for the North American Forestry and Urban Tree Markets to combat ALB, DED, SOD and Psyllids in Eucalypts. Powered by own battery or from any vehicle 12 volt system.
  • Injection Site Sealing plugs Injection Site Sealing plugsInserted into the tree by the drill/injector, a must if using pesticides in public places or where rapid healing of the injection site is desired.
  • Petrol Motor Driven Battery Charger Petrol Motor Driven Battery ChargerIdeal for charging batteries in the field, Honda 4 Stroke Motor direct coupled to 55 Amp Hr. Bosch Alternator, dual voltage settings, 14.2 and 15 for fast charging.